Djinn Hidden Wish
The genie, a spiritual demon who is born of smokeless fire and the plasma of creation. Djinn resemble humans in the nature of their lives but are sometimes tangled into notions of heavenly beings who exist in connection to magic and supernatural life so purely they are considered wish granters, and assistants to those who wish to understand the nature of what has come to be and what still is to birth into existence.

For Trassla, the Djinn is the most rare of the forms. Not bound to lamps or wishes, Trassla's form of Djinn is made mostly as an easy assistance to others whose magic is vastly superior but well underlearned. Neither good nor evil, the energy the Djinn creates is purely powerful and turned good or evil by those who it funnels through. This, in essence, is the form of Trassla's wish giving.
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